Hello Beautiful Spirit , My Name is Norma
Over the years I’ve been spiritual mentoring my clients with my Intuitive gifts to help Others. I Offer Intuitive spirit sessions and private personal enlightment mentoring sessions to help them feel empowered, inspired and find the potential they have within. I have helped many people in various stages of life. So that Together, We Can Discover the Guidance is Needed, To Develop a Renewed Balance, More Harmonious Journey as, We Invite Loving Light Back into Your Life.

What I offer Includes Oracle , Tarot, Pendulum, Palm Reading , numerology forecast, Mini readings, Intuitive Spirit mentoring sessions , and More. { inner Goddess series and Setting Intention series}

Come and send private message me to Set Up An Appointment. . Appointment are set up as by phone, video or offline-meaning i work your reading after talk ,alone to pull the information is needed for you and write up the email. Which i will email 24 to 48 hours

Little bit about me
I'm spiritual and open to other beliefs.
My style follows my spiritual path , I like to teach, create and inspire you to help you further understand your path, with my knowledge of Craft. And my jewelry and metaphysical boutique items .
I've own jewelry designing business for over 26 yrs. I love to create new designs by looking at nature, cultural ideas for my Jewelry and now sell metaphysical boutique And more . so please Visit , Come sit a spell and see the magick of Forevrgoddess boutique. Be inspired , Be uplifted, Be Love, Be Light _N
I hope what you purchase from the Boutique, will inspire you..
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May You Have Many Blessings, Norma